Copy of 60 second interview with Cai!

This week's interview is with Cai Li, a London lab member who has just written a paper on transcription start site evolution. 


Welcome. What were you doing before you joined Crick?
I was a bioinformatician working on genomic data of many avian and social insect species to learn about their evolutionary histories and molecular basis of their fascinating traits.

What does your role at the Crick involve and what do you most enjoy about your role? 
At the Crick I focus on applying diverse computational methods to investigate how gene expression is regulated in organisms and how the regulatory system evolves over time. What I enjoy the most is the freedom to develop and test hypotheses about some fundamental questions in living systems.

What has it been like working at the Crick so far? 
Very enjoyable. Amazing building and amazing colleagues. 

If you weren't in science, what would you be and why? 
I would be a software developer, probably for an open source software project. I love the idea of open source and I think it has changed the world enormously in the past several decades.  

Tell us something your colleagues don't know about you? 
Becoming a comedian was one of my dreams as a child.

What hobbies do you have outside of work? 
Running in the park. Reading some books. Watching funny/inspiring videos. 

If you could meet one person from history, who would it be and why? 
Socrates, though I don’t know how to communicate with him in Greek. I like his phrase “I know that I know nothing”.

What's your favourite part of the world and why? 
If the world means the universe, my favourite part is certainly the earth. So many forms of living systems have emerged on the earth, whereas none has been found in other known planets.  

What's the best piece of advice you've ever been given?
”Live in the present”.

Home is…. 
Where the family are. 

Nicholas Luscombe